Creating a new character

Creating a new brand of high-end pet store in New York. Our team has developed a new unique style that looks great and is modern.

Клиент: “Nutrition Strength”, USA
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Начало 9 Ноември 2021
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The main goal of this project is to create a product that will best solve the task. Having received data from the client, our team started to work. After conducting a very detailed market research, we created a series of prototypes for the logo, palette and elements of corporate identity.


The tasks that our client set for us inspired us and we made an incredible product. A fine line between modern style and classical forms is what has become the result of our work. In the process of creation, we constantly maintained feedback with the client.

It was hard work. Today we can say that this is a worthy result for our professional team. The client is satisfied with the result and we received a very flattering response, which is nice. A wonderful task and an even more excellent embodiment, this is what we live and breathe for. Do you want such a result?

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